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Previous author of The Real Life of a Redhead.

I am the mother to 4 beautiful children. Caleb is 6, Hannah is 4, Luke is 1. Joshua just celebrated his 2nd birthday in Heaven.

I am also the wife to an amazing husband, Shane. He is everything that I am not- level headed, patient, kind, and gentle.

This blog is the beginning of a new life for me. Since the death of my son, Joshua, I have struggled deeply with depression, anxiety, and suffocating grief. My life has become a mess, not by God's doing, but by my own doing.

As I have walked through the grief of losing our son, I have allowed myself to become lost in sadness. I have allowed Joshua's life and death to become my identity.

But, by God's grace, I am turning from that. I have given my grief and anxiety over to God. He has taken it from me and I have been healed. Now it's time for me to start finding the person who God created me to be.


I am the Mother of several beautiful children. Joshua is 7, Mason is 4, Carter is 3 and Levi is 5 months. I have a few children that are in Heaven, Levi's twin Logan was the last to join our heavenly father. Mason is Complex Special Needs, with many diagnosis's our life is never ordinary. 

My incredible husband is Nick. We have been through and our life to continues with challenges ahead of us. Nick has been and is my rock. I would not want to be in this life without him. 

I am joining Jill to talk about the on going grief, life, love and loss. To talk about life.

Over the past four years with our ongoing struggles with Mason I learned alot, I have felt alot and I think it's time to stop pushing it all aside. The truth is not always pretty. And I done making it that way.

I always Blog over at www.DanaSears.com

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